COVID-19 Resources and Information for Residents

Renters Warehouse remains committed to keeping our residents safe and informed as we adapt our business to the realities of COVID-19.

So many of us have been directly impacted by COVID-19, including a great number of our residents. Whether you have been diagnosed with the virus, have been caring for loved ones or have had disruptions in work, income, school or daycare, Renters Warehouse wants to help by keeping you informed in every way we can. Up to date information and resources follow. If you have any unanswered questions or needs, please reach out to us directly at or 1-844-793-4948.


First and foremost, rest assured that Renters Warehouse is ensuring the health and safety of its team members, to ensure our residents, owners and vendors are not put at risk. All Renters Warehouse staff and Rent Estate Advisors take daily health assessments and are provided all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as masks, disposable gloves, and hand sanitizer, to safely perform their duties while feeling well and exhibiting no COVID-19 symptoms.

Renters Warehouse also follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations for quarantining through remote work following air travel, exposure to a person who tested positive for COVID-19, attendance at gatherings, etc.


To further do our part to stop the spread, and as advised by the CDC, all of our office locations have a Preparedness Plan established and safety health measures in place. Many of our team members are working remotely and we encourage our residents and owners to utilize our online portals and Center of Excellence at 1-844-793-4948 to handle requests and rent payments without creating unnecessary in-person traffic.

 Each office location maintains a rent drop box as well, where rent payments can be dropped, contact-free.

If you have an urgent need that requires in-person assistance, please reach out to your local office or our Center of Excellence at 1-844-793-4948 to schedule a date and time for your visit to ensure you are greeted by the appropriate team member.


As cases trend in the right direction, with some cities and/or states beginning to ease restrictions, Renters Warehouse is working with your Property Owner and our trusted vendors to timely and efficiently process all maintenance requests, including non-emergency requests, with your health and safety as a top priority. As always, please continue to submit your maintenance requests through your online portal or by calling our Center of Excellence at 1-844-793-4948.

Our team members will continue to work with an abundance of caution, wearing masks, frequently washing hands or using hand sanitizer, avoiding handshakes, and maintaining at least 6 feet of distance when meeting with clients or spending time inside your home. We have requested the same practices of our trusted vendors and respectfully request that our residents do the same. 

If you are contacted regarding your maintenance request, or any other inspection or in-person interaction with a Renters Warehouse team member or vendor, and you are not feeling well, are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, are high risk or have recently travelled to a high-risk area, please inform us immediately to ensure we can make appropriate arrangements to keep everyone safe.


Whether it be related to your move in, move out, or a property condition inspection, our team is committed to entering your home as safely as possible. As described above, our team members will partake in all safety precautions and, whenever possible, will conduct the inspection independently or via FaceTime or similar technology.

If you have an upcoming inspection scheduled and you have been potentially exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, are displaying symptoms or have otherwise been asked to quarantine, please contact us as soon as possible at


Our hearts go out to our residents who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. These are trying times and financial constraints can result. There is an ever-changing network of resources that may be available to you pending your exact circumstances and location. Please review our collected list of resources here.

You are responsible for paying all rent pursuant to your lease agreement; if you are unable to timely make rent, please contact our team at to discuss alternative payment arrangements. It is imperative that you seek out assistance available to you and communicate with us. While eviction moratoriums may be in place temporarily, you must bring your account current to avoid any adverse action once these protections expire.

And finally, thank you and stay safe.

Renters Warehouse is committed to our residents, clients, vendors and team members. We know how important it is to have a safe place to call home and we strive to serve you in these uncertain times with the highest level of customer service.

 If you have any lingering COVID-19 questions or concerns that are not addressed here, please do not hesitate to reach out by sending an inquiry to, submitting a request via your online portal or calling into our Center of Excellence at 1-844-793-4948.